Monica Rickler Marks

Artist and Owner of Blue Carnation Studio

A life long “Angelino,” Monica Rickler Marks is a collage/assemblage artist living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Monica, a licensed Marital and Family Therapist, and a registered Art Therapist, believes strongly in the power of expressive arts to promote emotional growth and healing. Her pieces reflect emotional struggles that are both intimate and universal, using themes of personal identity as they relate to Judaism, parenting, feminism, and disabilities. Somewhere between Collage and Assemblage, she calls much of her work, "three-dimensional collages." Monica’s work utilizes a combination of both found objects and sculpted materials. In her studio she has collections of found objects like buttons, textured papers, ephemera, old magazines and books, rusty metal, and sculpted objects she has created from materials like clay, fired ceramics, wire and string, and gold leaf. These material objects are used for their shape, color, size and feel, sometimes giving them a second life that sheds their original identity and purpose. It is Monica’s hope that, as much as her artwork reflects her own experience of living, her pieces will resonate with the experiences of people who see them.