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Hey, wait a minute, I wrote a blog!

My favorite book title is, "Hey, Wait a Minute: (I Wrote a Book!)," by John Madden. I've never read it, and I don't follow football, but it's exactly the kind of title I would use. I would be just as surprised as anyone that the outcome of my ramblings would conclude in the form of a book. And so, I am applying the same theory to this blog, thus the title.

For those that follow "I'm Only One Mom" on facebook, you already know my somewhat "bloggish" ramblings that I include there regarding my life as a mom of two kiddos with various and complex needs. I'm sure they will show up here, as well. What I haven't written about much is what life is like with my hubby who is diagnosed with adult ADHD, so that might be fun.

For those that follow my social media "MonicaMarksArt" profiles, you already know many of my art adventures, but this will be a place to explore those even more! I will still continue the "Things In My Art Studio That Just Make Sense" series, but I'll add that here, too, in addition to Instagram.

My friends and family know I sing in a couple choirs but I DO NOT solo. I'm definitely the "just let me blend in" type of singer. Introvert, INFJ, empath... I love music and singing, but as a part of a whole, not a whole by myself, unless I'm all by myself. Both choirs are Jewish choirs, so a lot of Hebrew, which I don't speak, but apparently I can sing, well enough, with others.

What most people do NOT know, is that I am also a writer (yeah yeah, don't judge by this blog). I take writing workshops and everything, so now I'll be able to channel that here, too. Some of my writing will be good, but most probably won't be (just want you to lower the bar at this point so you can be as surprised as I am when it comes out okay); some of it will be sad, hopefully some of it will be funny, but all of it, no matter what, will be honest.

So you now know that I'm a creative type, and a mom and wife, and an introvert, that I'm an artist, I like to sing, I'm Jewish, and I'm a writer.

I also work in the education and mental health fields. I'm the Clinical Director in a special ed school that my family started over 40 years ago, and I have a degree in Art, and a masters in Clinical Art Therapy as a specialty of Marital and Family Therapy (I have licenses in both). I also struggle with my own mental illness, and I take meds (as my friend Isabel used to say, "Better Living Through Chemistry!" I try to take care of myself, I love riding my bike, but I also love eating, and my genes still think I am trying to survive in Siberia.

I live in Southern California, in the burbs, and my art studio is a small metal shed in the backyard. It's my sanctuary, it's my remote office, it's my creative space, and I informally refer to it as Blue Carnation Studio. (The explanation of that name will be in a later story)

As far as my art goes, I've been an artist my entire life, even when not practicing art. I always knew I was going to be an artist, it just took a while to remember. Now I have reemerged into the art world. I create art because I have to, and I want people to see my art so they feel seen and heard. I want to give voice to the voiceless. I want to erase the stigma of mental illness. I want to normalize asking for help. I want to shine a light on all that we think we have keep hidden to pass as normal. I'm fiercely passionate about breaking down the barriers to being honest about what we are feeling, and I hope that my art helps to do that.

So that about sums it up, my first blog post. Thank you if you've read this far (I mean it's only a 3 minute read, so I'm hoping).

Hey, wait a minute... I wrote a blog!

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Bravo! Great to see you blogging and can't wait for more!

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